Abundance Essays Part 3: Roadblocks to Abundance

Abundance isn’t inevitable. There are active and passive ways

Abundance Essays Part 2: Price collapse, the inevitable trajectory of capitalism

Market forces are potent forces that decrease prices and increase productivity over time. If these forces are allowed to act indefinitely, with proper guardrails, there should be no end to how low prices can go. No limit on the productivity of humanity.

Abundance Essays Part 1: Levels of Abundance

Technological advancement is accelerating, making a future of abundance more possible with every passing day.

Every company is a meritocracy

All companies are meritocratic, most are just dishonest about or unaware of how they define merit

Why decentralization matters

Decentralization comes with trade offs, but solves some sticky problems for humanity.

Universal price collapse

We are three near-future technologies away from universal price collapse.

Open source literature

What if we could all contribute to the worlds we love?