Paths to hyper-bitcoinization

A hyper-Bitcoinized world can help workers maintain their savings, reduce war, increase freedom, and much more besides. It's important that we get this right, because we have a chance at truly making a positive difference for all of humanity.

Bitcoin for beginners

Yet another intro to Bitcoin, but hopefully its less buzzwords and more useful to folks new to it.

Bitcoin's endgames

The price going up is not nearly enough.

Why decentralization matters

Decentralization comes with trade offs, but solves some sticky problems for humanity.

Pricing bitcoin

Bitcoin has to earn it’s price by displacing existing solutions.

Bitcoin is a better money…technically

Bitcoin has the potential to be a better money, but it’s not there yet. There’s much to build.

Bitcoin is anti-colonial

If you care about justice for the Global South, you should care about the decolonizing power of Bitcoin.