The world is getting better, rapidly and there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic.

The world is also fragile and stratified; there's a lot of work to do because many are still suffering.

I have two goals for writing this blog:

  1. To explore topics where there is good news and opportunities to rapidly improve the human experience.
  2. Expose readers to a nuanced perspective that's outside the (usually false) dichotomies that emerge by default.

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Hi, I'm Greg

I enjoy reading about a wide range of topics, which has exposed me to a lot of experts and ideas that I find most people won't get exposed to. I've also learned that the world is improving rapidly, and that most people wouldn't know that based on the content they consume.

This blog is meant to help with people's pessimism, but sans naive optimism.

I'm also an entrepreneur because there is work to do, we have to lean into the possible futures that are good. I want to invite people to put their efforts into places that have distinct possibilities of improving human flourishing, and so I write about those places.

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