Gregory White

Gregory White

I like to build things | Cofounder @joincontinuum | Advisor on the side: | #bitcoin enthusiast | energy nerd

Abundance Essays Part 3: Roadblocks to Abundance

Abundance isn’t inevitable. There are active and passive ways

Abundance Essays Part 2: Price collapse, the inevitable trajectory of capitalism

Market forces are potent forces that decrease prices and increase productivity over time. If these forces are allowed to act indefinitely, with proper guardrails, there should be no end to how low prices can go. No limit on the productivity of humanity.

Abundance Essays Part 1: Levels of Abundance

Technological advancement is accelerating, making a future of abundance more possible with every passing day.

Every company is a meritocracy

All companies are meritocratic, most are just dishonest about or unaware of how they define merit

Paths to hyper-bitcoinization

A hyper-Bitcoinized world can help workers maintain their savings, reduce war, increase freedom, and much more besides. It's important that we get this right, because we have a chance at truly making a positive difference for all of humanity.

Nostr: Paths to mass adoption

Nostr has to be 10X better that legacy social media and prepare for scale in order to achieve mass adoption.

Bitcoin for beginners

Yet another intro to Bitcoin, but hopefully its less buzzwords and more useful to folks new to it.

A proposal for opt-in content moderation in Nostr

In the long term there can't be no content moderation, but it should be consent-based and decentralized.

Bitcoin's endgames

The price going up is not nearly enough.

It's time to decide your morals

When forced to be reactive, we humans tend not to be our best selves. And we need to be our best selves in the challenging times we're in.